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Gallery Albums: Structured Wiring
Mom's house - (18 images)
I started (along with the bathroom) a structured wiring project at my mom's house. She was getting DSL and the phone lines were really bad, so I dropped new phone lines, lan ports, and cable outlets (using cat5e and RG6). Most of what is shown here is the distribution box in the hall closet. (please note that these images aren't in order yet. I have yet to write that functionality in the software.)
Work Wiring - (19 images)
After the Hurricanes of 2004 in Florida, the company I work for lost 75% of it's building and we were all forced to move into a 30x30 office for almost a year. Of course this little office wasn't wired for that many people so we had to wire for phones and network for the added people. Since there was no real need for any coldfusion work to be done at the time, I got to work on it. I'm glad I did. I learned alot from just this one project.