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Oh Hail ye with a more expensive car
Ok, so...I'm not the type to usually stereo type people, but I've got to vent this, and well, it was better than me getting out of my car and cursing a lady out in the Woody's parking lot. Why would I do that you ask? Well, I'm sure you've already figured out it must have something to do with her car...

Ok, so I'm driving to Woody's Bar-B-Q for lunch after my last class today, and I was driving behind a BMW. She turned left into the Strip mall and I persued because, well...I was going there as well. I then pull up the the drive thought line of Woody's (I was actually at the speaker rolling down my window to order) and I see her pull up in front of me. What is this? Because she drives a BMW she has the right to skip me and order at the actual window. That's just BS! Anyone who has every gotten food from Woody's knows that the line goes much smoother if you order before getting to the window so the people behind you don't have to wait. And since there was someone in front of her, they wouldn't be able to even start making her order till she got there. As it is, if you are the only person in line you are looking at a 5 minute wait.

Ok, so fine...whatever, she skipped me in line. I can deal with that. I think I've grown to be a quite patient person. After about maybe 10 minutes (of the line not moving), she decides she no longer wants to wait and starts backing up! The Bitch hit my car!!! not hard, I'm sure not even hard enough to knock the dirt off my card (which is a lot since I haven't washed it recently), but I felt my car move, so I know she knew what she had done.

It doesn't piss me off she hit me. I was in park and I could react fast enough to get out of her way (that that I should have to!). What really 'grinds my gears' here is that she didn't even get out of her car and see if I was alright. Now you know if our roles were reversed, she would have been screaming and yelling about how I dinged her precious BMW and how her big massive BF was going to hunt me down and kill me (ok..exaggeration, but you get the point). I mean what is it?...is it that she thinks her car makes her all high an mighty that she even has to forgo common politeness! Its not like I would have sued for 'tapping' my car. What's worse is she didn't just drive away, she parked and went inside, so she even had the change to apologize to me and just decided not to.

I've known my fair share of people who own BMWs, Mercedes, etc. From my experience, all I see is that people that drive these cars use them as status symbols as if to tell us normal fold "Hey, I'm better than you". I've known people who bought such cars just for the status, even though they didn't necessarily have the money to buy them. What kind of F'ed up society have we become? Now i know not all people who drive nice cars are this way, and I hope no one takes offense to it. I'm just venting, hence why it's in the Rant section.
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Tuesday, April 3, 2007 by StreetMonk
You'd come off a bit more lucid if you could read before posting.... Spellcheck/proofread...
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