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Oh the 'Humanities'!
Ok, so I'm taking Humanities Survey I this semester at the good old SFCC in town, and to make it worse, its a 6 week semester. I think i"m hanging in there ok, nightly quizzes, a 750 paper due each week for 4 weeks straight. Ok, fine, I can deal with that, but I do have my limits......

Back onto those nightly quizzes, first of all, from what I can tell, 'buffalo' and 'bison' are the same animal, but apparently my professor things otherwise, even after telling him, I have to show proof that the European Bison is in fact a buffalo (though he does recognize that American buffalo are bison). I wouldn't be so picky, but I did in fact look it up after class, and both are defined as a mammal from the genus bison. So, that tells me they are the same. I'll give him proof, and hopefully get my rightfully owed points.

Thats not the worse though, See, we took a quiz the other day, and I KNEW that I had aced it. There was no question in my mind. My brother on the other hand, who is taking the class with me, said he thought he bombed it. Ok, it happens, he's been busy, I have more free time when I need it to study since I am my own boss.

Here's the kicker though, we get our tests back tonight, and low and behold, my brother gets a100%,unjustly I might add. I'm not mad that he got credit for answers he knew he got wrong, what pisses me off, is on a question with two answers I inadvertently reversed the answers and put 'relief' where I should have put 'Assyrians' and vice versa (same question, two blanks). Obviously I have shown I know the material. Obviously he is a bright enough of a man to see this. So I ask him and he says to me 'Well, you got the extra credit, so, nah....I don't think I should give it to you.' WHAT!?!?!, so If I were less of a student, he would give me credit, but since I have excelled where others have not I am punished? Does this really make sense? I mean WTF!?, so I go to him at the break, and tell him, ver batim 'My point of view is this, I've obviously shown you I know the material, I think I deserve the points,' and he replies 'I'll meat you half way and give you one point'. Let me say to you all how much BS I think this is. Now, let me clarify that the reason I think this is complete and utter BS is because I have the knowledge that he is such a colossal screw up that he mistook 'Babylonian' for 'Assyrian' and 'Nineveh' for 'Babylon' on my brother's paper. So he himself is apt to make mistakes, and because of it two people get a grade they don't technically deserve.

I know most of you are wondering why I am so worried about one single question, well, to be honest, it makes me wonder what kind of teacher he is. I don't think its proper to treat two different students different merely because one got the extra credit questions and one didn't. And basically that is what he said he would do. I now have to wonder if my grades I get from him are biased in any way shape or form. I am proud that, since going back to school, I have straight A's and I don't need some moron who can't seem to grade properly, to screw that up for me. I work hard at my school work, I try and go above and beyond the call of duty, and when needed I try and help out my fellow students.  I guess I"m lucky that the withdraw date for this class is 2 days before the last class. If I have to I'll drop the class and retake it at a later time, and i'll be more than happy to say that he is the reason I am dropping. I've had some great teachers since going back, and none have failed to work with you (isn't that the benefit of community college after all?).

Oh well, what can ya do. I know life's not fair, just seems screwed up to me is all...the whole situation.
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